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Are you wondering about dpf filter cleaning cost?

If you’re having trouble finding a reliable DPF Cleaner look no further. Here at 30 Minute DPF Clean we specialize in the cleaning of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s), Catalytic Converters, Intercoolers & several other products. It can be tough using over the counter cleaning supplies that may not work. Please call or text (856) 405-3537 for a quote on dpf filter cleaning cost.  Using the newest hydraulic technology in the business and our in house made solution we guarantee your happiness.


Why choose us for your DPF Cleaning?

It’s simple, our in house made solution is the best around, we do not bake the filters in an oven here. Our solution breaks up the grease, soot, oil, coolant & DEF.  These could be harmful to your vehicle building up in the ceramic or your DPF filter. The best part is no appointment is needed, walk ins, and ship ins are accepted.

What your Diesel Particulate Filter could look like!

Yikes! You may not realize it but your filter could look the same way. Even if you do not drive the vehicle for many miles just having the car on and idle will cause a mass build up of soot. This a prime example of a filter that is rejected by the dealership. After our cleaning process the filter was good as new and the truck back on the road. If your filter contains DEF inside of it that is no issue for us. DEF soaked filters must be cleaned thoroughly through means besides baking. The DEF inside of the ceramic can solidify due to a chemical reaction and actually become a cement like substance making your filter need immediate replacement.

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DPF Cleaner

We recommend you get your DPF cleaned every 6 months. We also offer a diagnostics. Contact us today @ (856) 440-3338.