If you’re looking for Freightliner Cascadia DPF filter cleaning price,DPF cleaning, DEF filter price, governor adjustment, or a DPF filter cost then your in the right place. Here at 30 min we offer services like Detroit DPF cleaner for Freightliner and similar vehicles in the industry. Stop by today to begin your order and bring your machine up to spec. Feel the power return after getting your DPF cleaned.

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Freightliner DPF Cleaning Services

Even with the benefits in trucks that are already more environmentally friendly, routine DPF maintenance is still necessary. At our New Jersey-based shop, we offer Freightliner DPF filter cleaning services in 30 minutes or fewer—no matter the size of your current DPF. The cost to clean a Freightliner DPF filter is offered at a fair price. Read below for more details about DPF cleaning and why our practices are different.

Known for their attention to detail and forward-thinking developments in truck versatility and dependability, Freightliner trucks are industry leaders. Vehicles from Freightliner include medium-duty trucks all the way to severe-duty options, perfect for construction or off-road work sites. The company also produces several natural gas vehicles that are capable of near-zero-emissions and complemented by greater aerodynamic design.

Why DPF Cleaning is Necessary

All trucks sold in the U.S. market manufactured in 2007 or after have a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Why 30 Minute DPF Clean?

At 30 Minute DPF Clean, we don’t merely scrub or bake your DPF—it will receive a thorough and cost-effective treatment. Choosing us means you’ll walk out the door with a 98% clean DPF. We utilize a hydraulic machine to get your DPF in near-new condition.
After your DPF cleaning, our machines perform a comprehensive set of tests to ensure you can continue driving with full functionality. Looking for a Freightliner governor adjustment? We accept DPFs of any size and happily take customers on a walk-in or scheduled basis. Stop by our New Jersey storefront for easy and efficient Freightliner DPF cleaning services today!

freightliner dpf cleaning

Freightliner’s We Clean

Don’t let your dealer tell you it’s time to buy an expensive new DPF. We can salvage almost all clogged DPF filters using our advanced cleaning process.  Not only will our 30-minute DPF cleaning process save you money, but put you back on the road faster.

 We will clean your DPF | SCR | DOC | EGR | or Catalytic Converter, please call us for a quote on your Freightliner. Our contact information is below!

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